Year 6 2018/19

Welcome to Year 6!

Mr Smith (6SH), Mrs Glossop (6MG) and Mrs Levick (6KL) would like to welcome to our Year 6 page for this year.

PE: Please ensure your child's PE kit is available from Monday to Friday, with the appropriate coloured t-shirt, black shorts and pumps.

Water Bottles: It is important that children remain hydrated throughout the course of the day, therefore we would recommend that your child brings in a clear bottle (no larger than 500ml), containing only water. To prevent spills, the bottle must have a sports top.

Dinner Money: To be paid via Parent Pay.

What are we learning?

We hope that the following brief outline of the work that will be taught will be useful to you when you discuss this work with your child. We always welcome parental support so please feel free to come and discuss your child's progress whenever you feel it necessary.

Spring Term 2018/19

Our Parents' Y6 Curriculum Information Letter - Spring 2018/19 is available to download.

Maths: During Spring 1, the children will be continuing their work on fractions, decimals and percentages followed by measurement of length, capacity and mass.

The focus for Spring 2 will be algebra, ratio, geometry and statistics. In addition, regular revision of the four operations will be completed to support the children in their forthcoming SATs tests.

Literacy and Theme: The English literature we will be studying links directly to our Theme work. In Spring 1, we will be studying 'Pirates'. Children will be analysing a variety of extracts from 'Treasure Island' alongside developing geographical and historical skills linked to pirates. We will also be having a 'Pirate-themed' day towards the end of Spring 1. Children will be asked to come to school dressed as pirates and will complete pirate-themed tasks!

In Spring 2, our Theme is 'Crime and Punishment'. Children will be reading extracts from the text 'Holes' to formulate balanced arguments. We will be investigating crime and punishment through the years, finger printing and forensic evidence.

Art: In Spring 1, children will explore a range of different art techniques based around collage and painting. They will work collaboratively to produce a large 3d pirate ship painting using a range of different materials.

In Spring 2, children will study the artist Judith Ann Braun and work towards developing a final piece in her style.

SATs & Mock SATs: The next practice tests will take place the week beginning 21st January and these will be sent home afterwards. We appreciate you supporting the children with their corrections. We will then stage a Mock SATs Week during the week beginning 18th March. New and existing booster groups are taking place this term during the school afternoon. Existing after-school groups will be continuing until further notice.

Science: In the first half term we will continue to study 'Animals including humans'. This will include the importance of exercise and a healthy diet, and the impact of drugs and alcohol. In the second half term, our focus is 'Evolution and Inheritance'.

Computing: This will be linked to our grammar work to improve children's skills and understanding.

Autumn Term 2018/19

Our Parents' Y6 Curriculum Information Letter - Autumn 2018/19 is available to download.

Maths: The children will be covering work on place value and the four operations of number, including long multiplication. They will be using these four operations to solve word problems. We will also be covering fractions, decimals and percentages and the equivalences between them - including in different contexts.

Literacy: The English literature we will be studying focuses on narrative which includes:

  • War Horse - a historic novel;
  • Shakespeare's Macbeth - for which we are lucky to have a theatre group to come and perform; and
  • Alma - visual literacy.
  • Finally, we will be combining literacy with RE to produce a non-chronological report on Judaism.

Whilst studying the above, children will participate in a range of activities including writing, comprehension, grammar, punctuation and drama.
Throughout the year, we will be working towards end of Key Stage 2 assessments.

Spelling: Children will receive new weekly spelling lists every Friday - to be tested the following Friday. Follow-up activities will include homework, which will entail writing interesting and varied sentences using their spelling words.

Science: For the autumn term, Y6 children will be studying the following topics: Living Things and their Habitats; Animals Including Humans; Evolution and Inheritance.

RE: The focus will be on Judaism.

Art: Our art work will be closely linked to our science and literacy topics. This will include observational drawings and 3d masks.

Computing: In addition to using computing to support our grammar and maths work, children will develop their skills in programming using a variety of software.

Our Autumn Term Learning

Creature Invasion

Our Year 6 pupils enjoyed a morning meeting creatures as part of their topic on Brazil.

The visit reinforced the knowledge and understanding of creatures and their habitats. In addition, children were able to hold different animals such as snakes, lizards and spiders.

The visit was a huge success with both teachers and pupils enjoying the experience.

Who killed Macbeth?

The Young Shakespeare Company arrived in school to stage a performance of Macbeth, which is currently being studied as part of the Year 6 literacy topic.

The actors were fully-dressed and brought the story to life, engaging and interacting with the children throughout. This is a highlight for our Year 6 children.