Year 5 2018/19

Welcome to Year 5!

Mrs Alt, Mr Spacey and Mrs Nettleship welcome you to our Year 5 page.

PE: Could we please remind you that children should have a PE kit in school every week. Our P.E. day in Y5 is every Thursday. (It should be taken home at the end of every half term to be washed.)

Dinner Money: Payable on Parent Pay.

Contact: Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Year 5 team if needed.

What are we learning?

We hope that the following brief outline of the work that will be taught will be useful to you when you discuss his/her work with your child.

We always welcome parental support so if you feel you or your place of work have skills which could support any of the units of work please let us know.

Spring Term 2018/19

Our Parents' Y5 Curriculum Information Letter - Spring 2018/19 is available to download.

Maths: The children are continuing work on the four operations of number and solving word problems this term. We will also be doing work on perimeter and area, fractions and decimals. Towards the end of the term, children will be learning about mass, volume and length. Regular practise of times tables is essential and children should aim to increase accuracy and rapid recall of times tables facts. We will work collaboratively to solve challenges and investigations.

Literacy: This term, we will be focusing on narrative writing and building on the writing skills developed during the Spring term. We will be using the text 'Harry Potter' as a stimulus for writing during the first half term. During Spring 2 our focus is non-chronological texts, using the stimulus 'Fantastic Beasts.'

Science: This Spring, the focus will be 'Materials' (Can you un-cook an egg?) During this unit children will carry out lots of investigations involving a range of different materials, and looking at objectives such as : reversible and irreversible changes.

Computing: Our topic this term will be Coding and children will continue to learn about Algorithms. Plus, we will complete various activities connected to our Ancient Greece topic.

Art/DT: This term we will be studying 3D work. Children will have the opportunity to develop their observational drawing skills and will make a vase out of clay.

Creative Curriculum: This term's topic is 'Ancient Greece'. During this topic children will use maps to locate Greece and other countries. They will identify the features of modern day Greece and make comparisons with the past. Children will explore the differences between Athens and Sparta and later this term we will be having our very own 'Greek Day'! Children will investigate the Greek Gods and Goddesses and learn about how they were important in Ancient Greece. As part of the topic, children will develop their inference skills and learn about Greek wars and warfare from illustrations and maps.

Not forgetting: BIKEABILITY The week beginning the 11th March will be the start of our Bikeability week. Letters have already been sent to parents regarding this, there will be further communications closer to the date regarding what the children will need and on which days your child will be involved in the training.

Autumn Term 2018/19

Our Parents' Y5 Curriculum Information Letter - Autumn 2018/19 is available to download.

Maths: The children will be initially covering work on place value, then addition and subtraction, multiplication and division. We will complete the Autumn term by exploring problem solving. Regular practise of times tables is essential and children should aim to increase accuracy and rapid recall of times tables facts.

Literacy: The literacy topics will include a cross-curricular narrative topic based on The Saga of Biorn. Children will develop a range of writing skills through a visual Literacy unit called Tuesday. After half term children will develop their non-fiction writing and finally complete a unit based on 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'. Our 'Read aloud, think aloud' text this term is Viking Boy.

Science: This Autumn, Y5 children will be studying 'The Final Frontier' (Earth in Space) followed by 'May the force be with you' (Forces).

Computing: This term children will be learning about algorithms. They will use their knowledge and understanding to solve problems.

Art/DT: Our Art/DT will be based on the Anglo-Saxon/Viking topic. The key skills this term involve printing (Viking helmets) and designing, making and evaluating (Viking ships).

Creative Curriculum: This term's topic is 'Invaders, raiders, settlers and traders!' (Anglo-Saxons and Vikings). During this topic children will explore the timeline of both the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. They will use historic maps alongside more modern maps to see where the invaders came from and where they settled. Children will learn about the various Gods and superstitions of the time, and how life would be different in education and monasteries. We will also discuss King Arthur and the legend surrounding him. Children will investigate Viking boats and weapons in order to further understand this period of history.

Our Autumn Term Learning

Spears at the Ready!

As part of their creative curriculum Topic 'Invaders, Raiders, Settlers and Traders', our Year 5 children visited the Yorkshire Museum and Danelaw Centre in York.

The children had an amazing time learning about the way the Vikings lived. They made clay oil lamps, ground flour to make bread and practised their battle skills!

It was great fun and the children had a brilliant day.