Year 4 2018/19

Welcome to Year 4!

We welcome your child to Year 4; Miss Clemitshaw, Mrs Pickering, Miss Bielby and Mrs Sawyer are the Y4 teaching team.

PE: Please note PE day is Wednesday for this term. All Y4 children will need the correct PE kit in school on this day.

School Uniform: We have a uniform shop each Friday 3:00-3:30 p.m. where you can order uniform and purchase book bags. Please ensure that your child is wearing the correct uniform and has a suitable PE kit in school.

Dinner Money: Payable on Parent Pay.

Water Bottles: These should contain water only and should have a sports type lid. The bottle should be see-through and no larger than 500ml. Cups will not be provided in class.

Healthy Tuck: Please remember that only healthy snacks are allowed at playtimes. Please do not send crisps, biscuits, chocolate or cake bars for this time.

Contact: You are now able to contact teachers via e-mail. However, the quickest and most efficient form of contact is still to pop in and see your child's class teacher at the start or end of the day.

What are we learning?

We hope that the following brief outline of the work taught will be useful to you when you discuss it with your child.

Summer Term 2018/19

Parents' Y4 Curriculum Information Letter - Summer 2018/19 is available to download.

Maths: For the summer term, children will be completing the following units of work in maths: Area and perimeter; geometry including 2d shapes, angles and symmetry; position and movement and measurement including mass, volume and length.

Revision of all learning from Y4 will also be done as children will be completing maths assessments towards the end of the year.

Literacy: This half term we are focusing on 'fairy tales' as our genre of narrative, which will culminate in the children writing their very own fairy tale.

Science: Y4 children will be learning about 'living things and their habitats'. In this topic, children will study characteristics of a living thing, different habitats, dangers that these habitats face and food chains. The school trip to The Deep will further their learning in this topic as they look at ocean habitats.

Creative Curriculum: This term our topic is based on the theme of 'Blue Abyss'. We will study the world's oceans, animals of the ocean and how damage to the ocean occurs and what its impact is. This will be the focus of our Summer term school trip.

DATE FOR THE DIARY - 9th May, Y4 trip to The Deep.

Art: Art will be closely linked with our creative curriculum topic where children will explore ocean and water based art work using a range of different media.

Computing: As part of our Computing curriculum, the children will continue to look at coding and the end result will be the children making their own game on the programme, 'Scratch'.

Our Summer Term Learning

Year 4 delve into the Deep

Year 4 have begun their new topic this term - 'The Blue Abyss'. We had a fantastic time on our trip to The Deep. There was plenty to see and do, we learnt a lot of interesting facts on the way around and even managed to see the penguins being fed!

To top it off, we had great fun making slime in a workshop.

POINTS Network Games

4LS visited the Sheffield Institute of Sport to take part in a sports competition with other schools across Sheffield.

One of our teams did particularly well, coming 6th out of 27 teams! We had a great time trying new events such as the long jump and using the sandpit!

Spring Term 2018/19

Our Parents' Y4 Curriculum Information Letter - Spring 2018/19 is available to download.

Maths: In maths, children will be completing a unit on statistics as well as and fractions during the first half term, and a unit in decimals and money in the second half term. Weekly homework sheets where appropriate will be sent home to be completed by children, usually within a week, before they are returned for marking. Mathletics tasks may also be set on occasion.

Please note that the National Curriculum states that by the end of year four, children should know all their times tables up to 12 x 12. as well as related division facts. They should also be able to confidently count in multiples of a given number. Please continue to support your child in learning as many of these as possible.

Please continue to encourage your child to use our mathletics website for pleasure if a homework task has not been set, as this is an excellent way to consolidate and recap key skills which will help enormously with progress.

Science: Y4 children will be studying 'States of Matter' and 'Sounds as Vibrations'. This will include lots of fun investigations for the children to carry out.

Creative Curriculum: This term our topic is based on the theme of 'Mountains'. We will be looking at how mountains are formed, different types of mountains, researching mountain animals and looking at what it would be like to live in a mountainous environment.

Art: In art we will be looking at the art work of Anahid Aslanyan as part of our Mountains topic.

Literacy: This half term will focus on narrative. We will be using visual literacy to capture the imagination of our children and embedding key grammar skills into this piece of writing. After February half term, we will be focusing on persuasive writing.

In reading for the first half term, we will be focusing on non-fiction texts including information texts and recounts.

Swimming: 4LS will continue their lessons and 4PB will start their swimming sessions later in the term. For children in these classes, it is advised not to get your ears pierced prior or during this time as children will not be allowed to swim with earrings in.

Our Spring Term Learning

Enjoying the Sunshine

Year 4 children visited Rother Valley as part of their Literacy sequence last week. They are creating a persuasive leaflet which will hopefully be displayed around the community to encourage people to use the Country Park.

We had a lovely (long!) walk in the sunshine and explored everything the park has to offer.

Autumn Term 2018/19

Our Parents' Y4 Curriculum Information Letter - Autumn 2018/19 is available to download.

Maths: During the autumn term, we will be following the new national curriculum going in to greater depth in the following areas: place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division. Maths homework will be set where necessary to consolidate learning. As this term's learning is largely number based, your child would greatly benefit from playing a range of online games to consolidate key number facts and times tables. This year the children will be taught in one higher set and the remaining children will be separated into two mixed ability maths sets. Mathletics is a great resource to embed all skills.

Literacy: In Literacy we are focusing on a number of Literacy genres. This half term will focus on 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe'. To keep the suspense of the story alive, we would prefer your child to not read this story prior to studying it in class. However, if they have already, they could bring their own copy of the story in to enrich class discussion.

Science: Y4 children will be learning about teeth and the digestive system. Through experimentation and investigation, children will learn about the teeth and their own body.

Creative Curriculum: This term our topic is based on the theme of 'Celts and Romans'. The early life of the Celts, along with the rise of the Roman Empire and the invasion of Britain will be studied through a range of exciting activities. To enhance the classroom display, we would like children to complete a task at home linked to the Celts or Romans. Please look out for a note in your child's Home Learning book with further details shortly.

An in-school Roman Day will be taking place during the autumn term. Please look out for details to follow. Dressing up will be optional on this day so if you wish to put together an outfit over the summer holidays, that is great.

Art: Art will be closely linked with our creative curriculum topic. The children will be using different techniques and medium throughout the term. Children will make roman pottery, mosaics and still life. Although we do have a small amount of art shirts in school it would be a great benefit if you could provide your child with an old shirt to protect their uniform.

Our Autumn Term Learning

Y4 visit Beighton Parish Church

On Thursday 8th November 2018, Y4 visited Beighton Parish Church as part of their literacy topic on Christianity and Hinduism.

Whilst there, they sketched different features such as the font, the altar and a stained glass window. They also had time to ask Priest Mike some questions and have a look outside.

Y4 Roman Day

On November 6th, the Year Fours enjoyed their annual Roman Day! Children came to school dressed as Romans and took part in a wide range of activities.

One activity was Roman still life drawing and here is just a small selection of the amazing work which the children did.

Y4 Science

Our Year 4 children having fun with their latest Science experiment...