PE and Sport at Brook House

Our PE Curriculum

Pupils have two hours of PE timetabled per week through which we develop the six areas of activity as set out in the National Curriculum - Dance; Games; Gymnastics; Athletics; Outdoor and Adventurous activities; Swimming.

Sports taught include football, tag rugby, basketball, badminton, kwik cricket, short tennis, rounders, gymnastics and athletics.

Sport Premium - Primary School Sports Funding

Sport Premium is funding aimed at improving the provision of physical education and sport in primary schools. Our Sport Premium - Planned Activity Report is available to download.

Each primary school in the country with 17 or more eligible pupils receive £16,000 and an additional payment of £10 per pupil.

To view our Sports Premium Programme detailing how we will spend our funding this year, please visit the policies and documents section of our website.

POINTS Learning Network

Brook House is part of the POINTS School Sport Partnership which is an organisation that is made up of families of schools based around several secondary schools across the city. They support and develop PE and sports within our school giving pupils and staff many opportunities to ensure the high delivery of PE lessons, and increased opportunities to take part in school sport and out of hours learning.

Our partnership with POINTS is assisted by Ian Spooner (Development Manager) and Helen Stevens (Network Coordinator). Organising our competitions locally (and doing a superb a job of it) are Dave Milmns and Andy Staley.

Further information on the POINTS network can be found on their website:

Sports Festivals and Events

Through our involvement with POINTS, the children at Brook House are given opportunities each year to take part in different sporting festivals and events working amongst and against children from other schools. See below some of the many activities we have participated in over the past few years:

  • Cross Country League
  • Sportshall Athletics
  • Futsal
  • Football League and Cup
  • Kwik Cricket
  • Gymanstics
  • Swimming
  • Mini Red Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Basketball

Sports Clubs at Brook House

Here at Brook House we have provided lots of fun sporting opportunities for our pupils. We offer 3 After school sports each term delivered in partnership with SJD Sports Coaching.

The proposed timetable is as follows:

Day Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
  After school Lunch time After school Lunch time After school Lunch time After school Lunch time After school Lunch time
Mon Sports Mania (Y5/6) Lunch Sports Club Dodgeball Mania (Y5/6) Lunch Sports Club Exercise to Music (Y5/6) Lunch Sports Club Cricket (Y5/6) Lunch Sports Club Golf Mania (Y5/6) Lunch Sports Club
Thurs Dodgeball Mania (Y3/4)   Hockey Mania (Y3/4)   Golf Mania (Y3/4)   Cricket (Y3/4)   Track & Field Athletics (Y3/4)  
Fri Gymnastic Mania (Y3/4) Sports Leaders Gymnastic Mania (Y3/4) Sports Leaders Gymnastic Mania (Y3/4) Sports Leaders Gymnastic Mania (Y3/4) Sports Leaders Gymnastic Mania (Y3/4) Sports Leaders

Swimming at Brook House

As part of our Year 4 curriculum, all children are given the opportunity to learn to swim. We take the children to Westfield Swimming Pool where they receive 12 one hour swimming sessions. We aim for all pupils leaving our school to be able to swim at least 25m.

Playground Leaders Project

As part of our Sports Premium we run a Sports Leadership programme with our Y5 pupils which introduces and develops leadership skills children by training them to be able to organise and assist activities and games for other children in the playground.

One of the aims of this project is to increase the amount of physical activities undertaken during playtime and to make the playground a happy, fun environment for all children. This project also raises the self-esteem and self-confidence of its leaders.

Our sports leaders are given the job of delivering fun, sports activities during Lunch time. Through this role, they are given an opportunity to develop a sense of responsibility, enhance confidence and self-esteem, improve people management skills and, on top of this, develop some peer mentoring skills.

Let's meet our fabulous Y5 young leaders...


We enter a range of competitions through the Sheffield School Games programme, Family of schools events and competitions organised by Sheffield Federation for School Sports.

Festivals and competitions that we compete in each year include...

  • Sportshall Athletics
  • Y5 Boys Football League and Cup
  • Y6 Boys Football League
  • Y5 & 6 Girls Football League and Cup
  • Cross-Country - Sheffield Primary Schools League
  • Gymnastics - Key Steps Competition
  • POINTS Swimming Competition
  • Orienteering
  • Various Cricket Festivals
  • Westfield Change for Life Competition
  • Westfield Mini-Athletics Challenge
  • HOT Shots Basketball
  • Westfield Badminton Challenge Day

Be sure to check the latest news to see pictures and details of sports events that we have taken part in recently.