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Brook House School Council

At Brook House the views and ideas of the pupils are really valued. The councillors meet regularly with their co-ordinators to discuss new ideas and how things are progressing in each area.

The children are extremely committed and make sure that all the children at Brook House are consulted about their discussions held during their meetings. This has a huge impact on the school's positive attitude for learning and well-being.

Meet the Brook House School Council (Newly elected September 2017)

Y3 School Councillors

Y4 School Councillors

Y5 School Councillors

Y6 School Councillors

How is our School Council Formed?

Every September, during SEAL lessons, we have School Council elections. All pupils are invited to stand for election. Those taking part are asked to prepare a short speech about why they should be elected and the changes they would like to make to the school. The children are encouraged to listen very carefully to each speech made by the children and decide who would be best suited for representing their class on the School Council.

A boy and girl are elected to represent each class for all year groups.

School Council meet every two weeks with the School Council Co-ordinators.

The first School Council Meeting

Once the Councillors have been selected they are invited to attend their very first meeting to begin their exciting journey as School Councillors for Brook House.

Each new councillor is awarded their 'School Council badge' to wear on their uniform with pride. They are given a folder (one per class) containing a note book, pen, agenda sheets and information about being a School Councillor. School Council meeting rules are established at the first meeting.

The first important job for the School Council is to elect the roles of:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Publicity Officers x 2

These important roles are always held by the Year 6 Pupils and they are all invited to make a short speech to the rest of the council to say why they would be best suited for the different positions.

Once the voting has taken place, the new positions are announced to the full council and the School Council is formed.

The children all have their photographs taken and the School Council Notice boards are updated; displaying the new School Council. During the first whole school assembly, following their first meeting, the new School Councillors are invited to the front of the assembly hall to show the whole school who they are.

How does the School Council involve all other pupils?

During SEAL lessons, in all classes, the class councillors are given time at the start of the lesson to feedback the discussions from their council meetings to the rest of their class. They then get ideas and requests from their classmates to take to the next council meeting. All pupils are re-assured that their voices are most important to making positive changes in the school.

What the School Council have been focusing on so far.

  • Improving the school playground.
  • Electing House Captains.
  • Organizing playground equipment.
  • Fundraising events.
  • More parties/discos.
  • Lunch-time clubs.
  • Improving the dining hall and introducing monitors
  • Healthy Eating throughout school.

School Council Meeting Dates

  • Every 2 weeks - Venue Classroom 4AB / Hall

Comments from our Council Members