The Curriculum at Brook House Junior School

Brook House Curriculum Overview 2018-2019

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Y3 Animals Including Humans Animals Including Humans Simple Forces including Magnets Plants Rocks Light
Could you survive the Stone Age?
Visit: Cresswell Crags
The Klepto Who Stole Christmas (geographical skills) 'Can you tell your cartouche from your sarcophagus?'

Ancient Egyptians
What will you do if the earth twists, shakes or explodes?

Weather and Disasters!
Y4 Burps, Bottoms and Bile Let's Get Wired Listen Up Changes of state and the Water Cycle Classifying living things and food chains Living and Growing 1, 2, 3
What did the Romans do for us?
Visit: Roman Day in school
'Blue Abyss' Misty Mountains!
Visit: TBC
Y5 Invaders (Anglo-Saxons & Vikings)
Visit: Danelaw
Earth in Space Ancient Greece
Visit from History Van
Living things and their habitats France (including Rivers) Changes as humans develop and mature
Changing Materials Forces Living and Growing
Y6 Living Things and Their Habitats
Animals Including Humans
Evolution & Inheritance
Light & Shadow; The Eye
'Where on earth is Brazil?'
Living and Growing 7, 8 And Electricity
Crime and Punishment
'Through the ages'
'Should all crimes be punished?'

 Brook House Curriculum Overview 2018-2019 is also available to download (.pdf).

The Whole Curriculum

The basic curriculum as prescribed in law - the four core and eight foundation subjects of the National Curriculum - is not intended to be the whole curriculum of this school.

The whole curriculum involves a range of policies and practices to promote the personal and social development of our pupils and our aim is that it should be balanced and broadly based.

Within the curriculum we aim to foster children's understanding of life in a multi-cultural society. We are most concerned that boys and girls should receive equal treatment in the academic and social life of the school.

The basic curriculum will be taught according to the requirements of the appropriate National Curriculum Documents. These documents are available in school to be seen at any time.

The progress of each individual child throughout the National Curriculum is carefully assessed and monitored by the class teacher. A file is kept for each child which contains copies of reports, and all relevant records.