Brook House Junior School Vision Statement

Our School Aims:

  • To ensure that everyone within the organisation is happy, healthy, safe and successful, ensuring equality of opportunity.
  • To offer our children an understanding of right and wrong, self discipline and respect for the rights and needs of others and for the environment.
  • To develop in our children the skills and attitudes to become independent and cooperative learners.
  • To be creative, value individuality and celebrate diversity and difference.
  • To allow each child the opportunity to fulfill their potential and achieve economic well being as adults.
  • To provide a safe, engaging and stimulating indoor and outdoor environment which fosters a love of learning, cooperation and play.
  • To provide opportunities for children so that they can make a positive contribution to their school, local, national and international communities.

We are committed to:

  • Striving for continuous improvement in all we do.
  • Working together towards common goals for the benefit of all.
  • Providing opportunities for the continuous professional development of all staff.
  • Raising standards in all aspects of school life.

We shall achieve this by:

  • Ensuring equality of opportunity by encouraging and supporting the continuing professional development of all staff.
  • Placing learning at the centre of the curriculum that is engaging, challenging, relevant and enjoyable.
  • Challenging children to aspire to higher levels of learning by ensuring teaching is always of the highest quality.
  • Giving time for children to reflect and evaluate their learning so that they understand how they can achieve improvements.
  • Providing a quality environment with a wide range of resources and enhanced by new technologies fostering choice and personal response.
  • Continuously reviewing and looking at ways to improve communication with pupils, staff, Governors and parents at our school so that everyone feels valued and listened to.
  • Providing for the whole child through planning for personal, moral and social development.
  • Providing a range of educational experiences which enable our children to work both independently and collaboratively on a regular basis.
  • Providing a broad and balanced and exciting curriculum that engages pupils and ensures continuity and progression from Y3 to Y6.
  • Promoting each child's knowledge, skills and understanding in all areas of learning, encouraging creativity and enterprise.
  • Engaging parents meaningfully as co-educators in their children's education and providing regular quality information which conveys high expectations.
  • Maximising the involvement of external agencies, partner schools and local community, in ensuring smooth transitions in learning and enhanced educational opportunities.

Brook House Junior School Values

Brook House 6 Core Values

At Brook House:

  • We are friendly, caring and polite.
  • We are always ready to learn.
  • We are determined, we persevere and we are resilient.
  • We have a voice and listen to others.
  • We respect and appreciate each other's differences.
  • We work together co-operatively and respect our environment.