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Returning to School in September

Dear Parents,

We are really looking forward to seeing all of our children return on Wednesday 2nd September. Below is a Parent Update addressing questions and queries relating to how school will look in September.

The following 'Bubbles Overview' provides an overview of which bubble colour is with which teacher and also start and finish times with information of where to enter and exit the school.

I hope the steps outlined above reassure you that our school will do everything we can to ensure school feels as normal as possible in these difficult times, alongside reassuring you that we will do everything to keep your child safe on their return.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful summer break.

Mark Hinchliff


Supporting Children to Return to School

As lockdown measures are lifted across the country children will increasingly return to school. Everyone will have a different view on this. Some will be excited, others will be worried and stressed.

The following documents have been designed to support parents and carers in preparing their child to return to school: